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Bird Brothers Golf Co.
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New booking system will be up shortly. Please call to book in the meantime or check back soon. Thank you!

The best in golf simulator technology. Now open in Spanish Fork

Welcome to Bird Brothers Golf Co. Get ready to experience the best and most realistic simulation of outdoor golf the great indoors has to offer in the luxury of one of our two private bays.

Bird Brothers Golf Co. is not like the rest. Our facility features cutting-edge Golfzon simulators. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • No more chasing and re-teeing your ball. Our simulator feeds the balls back into an auto-teeing system. As soon as you hit your shot off the mat or tee, another ball is teed up and ready to go.

  • Simulated putting that's ACTUALLY good. Play a full, realistic round of golf at Bird Brothers Golf Co. Our simulators can handle the short game, long game, and everything in between.

  • Ball played as it lies. When you golf at Bird Brothers Golf Co. you can practice hitting out of the rough, the sand, and on a hill. That's right, a hill. At our simulator, you will be golfing atop a dynamically moving platform that will match the slope of the course at your ball. Cool, right?

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