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Bird Brothers Help and FAQs

We want to make your booking experience as easy and automated as possible. Here is a quick guide for getting the most from our facility and services.

Booking a time

The booking schedule and options may look different from user to user, depending on their membership or pass. 24/7 booking is only available to returning, registered users with a login. If you have been before and need a login, please contact us.

Booking Screen Pop Up.jpg

Membership/Pass Rules

Guests are welcome - however members must be present if booking with their pass. They cannot book for others. The price is per bay, not per person. This helps make our facility much cheaper compared to outdoor golf!

Other House Rules

Turn off projector/simulator when leaving unless another group comes in directly after. Driver is the only club allowed off the tee - for all other clubs, hit from a hitting mat. Outside food and drink is allowed (no alcohol). Please be respectful and clean up after your group. We also have snacks and drinks available for purchase at the facility. Please call us if you find the facility is messy/damaged/low in supplies. Thank you!

Membership Plan & Punch Pass Holders

If you had a membership in our old booking system, we've migrated your user and benefits to the new booking system. For your first login, you'll need to use the 'Forgot Password' prompt to get a verification code to your email address and create a password. Once logged in (to the booking platform, not this site), you should have access to your benefits. Click 'Login' from the navigation menu of this site to go to booking login. From the Book Now link, you'll have to close the popup window in order to navigate to the booking login screen. If you'd like to bypass our website altogether for faster, easier booking, you can download the Registry Golf mobile app and use the same login when prompted.

First-Time Booking

If this is your first time booking at Bird Brothers, Welcome! You will have access to a more limited, public calendar. Call us at 385-283-0304 to set up a quick walkthrough. For your next booking, you'll be able to login as a returning customer for access to 24/7 booking.

Buying a Membership or Punch Pass

Navigate to 'Plans & Passes' in the site menu to see all our offerings. When you purchase a subscription for the first time, you'll receive an email to login to the booking platform. If you have an existing login, the subscription should activate to that user. Punch passes require a little bit of manual work on our side, so if you purchase a punch pass, please contact us to let us know and have patience. Thank you!

Returning Golfers

If you have already been to our facility, but do not have a membership or punch pass, and you would like access to the 24/7 calendar, please contact us and we will make sure that your user is set up correctly. Note that the 24/7 calendar will only be availble to you while you are logged in, so if you see limited hours, navigate to the login section of the booking platform (see screenshots above this section).

Pass & Plan Options

We offer several different types of passes and plans, if you have an idea for a new membership model, let us know and we might be able to make it happen! Here are our current offerings and a description: Flex Unlimited - Pay a monthly membership fee to lock in a lower hourly rate. Much cheaper monthly fee than the Uncapped membership, and much cheaper hourly rate compared to public booking. Book as many hours as you want, whenever you want. Monthly Uncapped - Pay one monthly membership fee for all hours golfed in the month. No limit on monthly hours, but active concurrent hours and active concurrent bookings are limited. You must finish your session(s) before you can make another appointment. Corporate/Group Passes - Recurring monthly payment for a monthly bucket of hours that can be shared by your whole company (or the users you specify) contact us for more information. Buddy Pass - When you and a buddy sign up together for uncapped memberships, you each get 10% off your monthly fee and an extra concurrent active booking hour to each membership. Punch Passes - Buy hours in bulk at a steep discount. Hours purchased do not expire, just golf till they run out and then buy some more!


We are excited to announce that we now offer lessons! More info and a more streamlined booking mechanism coming soon. In the meantime, please contact us to schedule a lesson!

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